IP Sniffer

The IP sniffer add-on is a web browser based add-on that allows you view the IPs that you are connected to while on the VPN. This is usefull for console gaming. You can also add your ConsoleSniffer.com Account to view usernames with the IPs of the players in your lobby or party. The IP Addresses and Usernames will automatically show up below. YOU MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE VPN ON YOUR GAMING CONSOLE TO SEE IP ADDRESSES


IP Address Packets PSN Username
    Actively sniffing for IPs and Usernames on port 3074 (xbox/ps3)...
    Make sure you are connected to the VPN on your console and are in a lobby or party.

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Click the "Request Payout" button and staff will review your request ASAP. As a new partner your earnings will start out at 30%. Overtime as you become a trusted SpyProof VPN Partner, your payout time will decrease and your earnings per sale (EPS) will increase.

How does SpyProof track the referral users?

When a user clicks your partner link, it will set a cookie to their browser that lasts 90 days, so if that user comes back to the site within 90 days and purchases (even if not from your partner url), you will be rewarded the affilate money.

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